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a timer going off, cutting a kite string

Adventure Comics (1938) #107
DC, August 1946

"The Sky Is the Limit!"
Lettered by: unknown
Written by: Don Cameron
Pencilled by: John Sikela

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click, cut, kite, string, superhero, switch, timer


Shining Knight cutting a pistol in half with his sword

Adventure Comics (1938) #111
DC, December 1946

"The City of Tomorrow!"
Lettered by: unknown
Written by: Joe Samachson
Pencilled by: Chuck Winter

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break, cut, gun, pistol, Shining Knight (Justin), slash, superhero, sword


a criminal cutting a bathysphere's air hose with his knife

More Fun Comics (1936) #103
DC, May 1945

"The Professor Goes to School!"
Lettered by: unknown
Written by: Joe Samachson
Pencilled by: Louis Cazeneuve

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bathysphere, cut, hose, knife, snap, superhero


Human Torch cutting open sacks with scissors made of flame

Strange Tales (1951) #108
Marvel, May 1963

"The Painter of a Thousand Perils"
Lettered by: Terry Szenics
Written by: Robert Bernstein
Pencilled by: Jack Kirby

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bag, cut, fire, flame, Human Torch (Johnny Storm), open, scissors, superhero
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