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December 31, 2022Twitter

Just checking in before the new year to say yes, this site is still live and being updated (slowly) behind the scenes.

I hope to be more active in the coming year as I institute a new process to add in pictures and going back to check tags later. This should get many more comics on the site much more quickly.

As one example of a new feature, I'm working on adding "variants" of sound effects, when the colors or lettering in reprints differs from the original comic. Clicking on an image will show the variants, where available. Here's an example.

I've continued adding comics over the past year, listed below. I departed from my usual month-by-month additions to put in the first nine X-Men comics, with the kind assistance of letterer Kevin Lintz. Thanks Kevin!

Pictures are the copyrighted material of their respective publishers or current rights holders. Used for nonprofit educational purposes.