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March 21, 2017Twitter

I started this site with comics from November 1961, but with this update I go back a few months to finish off some series. Here is the missing first issue of Linda Carter, Student Nurse, as well as the rest of Amazing Adventures and Teen-Age Romance, completing the series under those titles.

The 13 new comics add 69 new sound effects (23 of them are just ♫), giving us a total of 1,482.

January 25, 2017Twitter

I've gone back to the early Marvel Silver Age, adding the 12 comics from January 1963. There's a total of 89 new sound effects, bringing the grand total to 1,413 from 171 comics.

The biggest highlight this month is the introduction of Paste-Pot Pete in Strange Tales #104 -- a villain made for sound effects!

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