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Spotlighting the "Sock! Pow! Zok!" that give comics a voice, celebrating the onomatopoeia.
The database contains 2,067 sound effects from 228 comics.

May 11, 2018Twitter

Welcome to those of you who have discovered the site through my new social media push! And for the rest of you, in addition to the old comics found on the site, I've started adding 18-20 of the niftiest effects from the current week's new comics on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Check it out!

As for the site itself, I'm still slowly plugging away, and I've added 248 new sound effects from nine issues of Adventure Comics from 1946. These pick up the Superboy, Aquaman, Johnny Quick, Green Arrow and Shining Knight strips that moved from More Fun Comics, which I previously posted. Next it's back to Marvel 1963!


September 30, 2017Twitter

The 12 Marvel Comics from March 1963 are now in the database, including the first appearance of Iron Man, and the first issue of Amazing Spider-Man! There's a total of 116 new sound effects, bringing the grand total to 1,794 from 214 comics.

You might also notice some minor cosmetic changes throughout the site, most notably the revised logo text.


August 11, 2017Twitter

The 10 Marvel Comics from February 1963 have been added to the database, putting us past the 200 mark! There are 94 new sound effects, bringing the total to 1,674. Quite a few of those new effects were thanks to the Impossible Man, who went "POP!" in practically every panel of his debut.

I've also redone the comic list page to be expandable by title, as it was getting a little unwieldy. The old version of the full list is still available, too.

Next month... Spider-Man and Iron Man!


July 4, 2017Twitter

About a year before Stan Lee and Jack Kirby launched Marvel's Silver Age in earnest, they revamped Western hero Rawhide Kid beginning in issue #17. I've now added the first eight issues from that run, to lead into where I began this site, with books from late 1961.

The new comics add 98 new sound effects to bring the total to 1,580.


March 21, 2017Twitter

I started this site with comics from November 1961, but with this update I go back a few months to finish off some series. Here is the missing first issue of Linda Carter, Student Nurse, as well as the rest of Amazing Adventures and Teen-Age Romance, completing the series under those titles.

The 13 new comics add 69 new sound effects (23 of them are just ♫), giving us a total of 1,482.


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